Isolation Gown AAM-1 Coated SPP – Disposable


Coated SPP Isolation gown is made from low linting polyethylene coated polypropylene material and provides high fluid protection & comfort. It helps minimise the risk of cross-infection.




• Polyethylene film coating of impervious gown provides great fluid protection.
• Feature comfortable latex-free knit or elastic wrists with neck and waist ties.
• The impervious isolation gown has knitted cuffs for extra comfort.
• Polypropylene fabric makes gowns low in lint.

• Substrate: Coated SPP nonwoven
• Color with blue, yellow, and clear
• Basis Weight: 30gsm, 35gsm

Coated SPP 115cm x 137cm 10 pcs/bag, 100pcs/carton
Coated SPP 120cm x 140cm 10 pcs/bag, 100pcs/carton
Coated SPP 135cm x 150cm 10 pcs/bag, 100pcs/carton

Storage and Transport:
The shelf life of an unopened and sealed product is three (3) years from the date of manufacture
when stored in a cool dark location with a temperature range of -20C to +30C and less than 80% relative humidity.
Before use always make sure that the product is within the stated shelf life. When storing or transporting this device, use only original packaging.


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